Meg Chambers Steedle

Meg Chambers Steedle
Nationality American
Occupation Actress

Meg Chambers Steedle is an American actress. She had a major supporting role in season 3 of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, playing Billie Kent.[1] She has worked extensively in theater, before appearing in the series, in productions including Barefoot in the Park[2] and The Heir Apparent.[3][4] Chambers Steedle was a recurring character in the first season of NBC's The Mysteries of Laura, portraying Detective Francesca "Frankie" Pulaski. She appears in the music video of the Silversun Pickups "Nightlight" on YouTube from their Better Nature LP. She also played a mother with a stillborn child in American Horror Story: Coven, in the episode "Burn, Witch. Burn!".


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