Media of Latin America

Media of Latin America includes a range of media groups across television, radio and the press. Pan-Latin American television networks include the US-based CNN en Español, Univision, and MundoVision, as well as Spain's Canal 24 Horas. In 2005 TeleSUR, headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela, was launched with the support of regional governments, with the objective of providing information to promote the integration of Latin America.[1] and as a counterweight to existing large international media.

Mexican media mogul Remigio Ángel González's Albavision encompasses 26 TV stations and 82 radio stations, and includes La Red (Chile), ATV (Peru), SNT (Paraguay) and Canal 9 (Argentina). González's is a particularly powerful force in the media of Guatemala, with a virtual monopoly of the commercial television airwaves.

Grupo Clarín, with 2009 revenues of $1.7bn, is Argentina's largest media group. Established as such in 1999, it includes the Clarín newspaper (the most-widely circulated in Latin America), the Artear media company, and numerous other media outlets.

The Valparaíso edition of Chile's El Mercurio is the oldest daily in the Spanish language currently in circulation.

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