Medal of the Royal Numismatic Society

The Medal of the Royal Numismatic Society was first awarded in 1883. It is awarded by the Royal Numismatic Society and is one of the highest markers of recognition given to numismatists. The President and Council award the Medal annually to an "individual highly distinguished for services to Numismatic Science".[1]

In recent years the Medallist has been invited to receive the medal in person and to give a lecture, usually at the Society's December Meeting.

Sir John Evans gave the dies for the original silver medal to the Society in 1883. The current medal was commissioned from Ian Rank-Broadley in 1993 and is a cast silver medal with the classical theme of Heracles and the Nemean lion.[2]

List of Medallists

Recipients of the Medal of the Royal Numismatic Society and their lecture titles (where available) are:[3]

  • 2000 Richard Doty
  • 2001 Ulla Westermark
  • 2002 Nicholas Mayhew
  • 2003 Gert Hatz and Vera Hatz
  • 2004 Michel Amandry
  • 2005 Peter Spufford - The Mints of Medieval Europe[4]
  • 2006 François Thierry - The Identification of the Nguyen Thong coins in the monetary law of the sixth year of Canh Hung (Vietnam 1745)[5]
  • 2007 Wolfgang Hahn - Christian symbolism on Aksumite coins – the typological concept and composition[6]
  • 2008 Mark Blackburn - Interpreting single-finds in a bullion economy: the case of dirhams in Viking-Age Scandinavia[7]
  • 2009 Richard Reece - What are Coin Finds?[8]
  • 2010 Alan Stahl - Learning from the Zecca: the Medieval Mint of Venice as a Model for Pre-modern Minting[9]
  • 2011 Marion Archibald - Leaden Pennies[10]
  • 2012 Lucia Travaini - Coins as Bread. Bread as Coins
  • 2013 Michael Alram - From Bactria to Gandhara: Coins and Peoples across the Hindu Kush
  • 2014 Roger Bland - What Happened to Gold Coinage in the 3rd Century AD?
  • 2015 Bernd Kluge - Pound Sterling, English Coins and English Numismatics from a Continental Perspective
  • 2016 Pere Pau Ripollès


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