Mechtildis of Edelstetten

Saint Mechtildis

Admission of St. Mechtildis to Edelstetten Abbey
Born Bavaria, Germany
Died 31 May 1160
Diessen, Bavaria, Germany
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 31 May

Mechtildis was Benedictine abbess and renowned miracle worker. Mechtildis was the daughter of Count Berthold of Andechs, whose wife, Sophie, founded a monastery on their estate at Diessen, Bavaria, and placed their daughter there at the age of five.[1] In 1153, the Bishop of Augsburg placed her as Abbess of Edelstetten Abbey. Mechtildis was known for her mystical gifts and miracles. She would later die at Diessen, Germany, on 31 May 1160.


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