Meath (UK Parliament constituency)

For the 19231937 and 19482007 constituency, see Meath (Dáil Éireann constituency).
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members Two
Replaced by North Meath and South Meath

Meath was a parliamentary constituency in Ireland, which from 1801 to 1885 returned two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.


This constituency comprised the whole of County Meath.

Members of Parliament

Election1st Member1st Party2nd Member2nd Party
1801 Hamilton Gorges Sir Marcus Somerville, 4th Baronet
1802 Thomas Cherburgh Bligh
1812 Thomas Taylour,Earl of Bective (later Marquess of Headfort)
Feb 1830 Arthur Plunkett, Baron Killeen, later Earl of Fingall
Aug 1831 Henry Grattan
1832 Morgan O'Connell Repealer Repealer
1835 Liberal Repealer Liberal Repealer
Feb 1840 Matthew Elias Corbally Liberal
1841 Daniel O'Connell[1] Repealer Repealer
Jun 1842 Matthew Elias Corbally Liberal
1852 Frederick Lucas Liberal
1855 Edward McEvoy Irish Independent
1857 Irish Independent
1871 John Martin Home Rule League
1874 Nicholas Ennis Home Rule League
1875 Charles Stewart Parnell[2] Home Rule League
Apr 1880 Robert Henry Metge Home Rule League
May 1880 Alexander Martin Sullivan Home Rule League
Feb 1882 Michael Davitt[3] Home Rule League
Apr 1882 Edward Sheil Home Rule League
Feb 1884 William Meagher Home Rule League
1885 Constituency divided: see South Meath and North Meath


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  1. O'Connell was also returned for County Cork and chose to sit for Cork
  2. At the 1880 general election, Parnell was also returned for both Mayo and Cork City. He chose to sit for Cork
  3. As a convicted felon, Davitt was held to be incapable of taking his seat. A by-election was held in April 1882


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