Meatball pizza

A Neapolitan-style meatball pizza

Meatball pizza is pizza prepared with meatballs.[1][2] Meatball pizza has become increasingly popular in the United States in contemporary times, and some pizzerias offer them on their menus.[1][3] Some restaurants offer them as a specialty pizza.[4]


Several varieties exist, such as Tex Mex and Greek-style lamb sweet and sour.[1] The meatballs on meatball pizzas may be sliced to reduce their size,[1] sliced in half, or broken-up and spread on them.[4] Meatball pizzas may be prepared in Neapolitan or deep-dish style.[5] Some meatball pizzas incorporate meatballs into the crust of the pizza.[6]

Commercial varieties

American pizza restaurant chains that have marketed meatball pizzas include Papa John's Pizza[7] and Pizza Hut.[8]

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