Meal preparation

Meal Preparation, sometimes called "meal prep," is the process of planning and preparing meals.

Advance preparation

Sometimes meal preparation involves preparing meals ahead of time for a short or extended period of time.[1] This practice may occur among people who desire to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Advance preparation can serve to standardize food portions. Sometimes meals are fully cooked, other times they are not.[2] Meals may be prepared in small containers such as tupperware, and are sometimes labeled.

Meal Preparation Services

Meal preparation services are services that will send you fresh prepared meals delivered to your home. These services will individually package pre-portioned meals to assist with eating a healthy diet.[3] These services will cook and prepare meals for you. Meals may come in small tupperware containers and are labeled with nutritional information. Most meals prep services will provide full macros of their meals. There are also many options for specific diet types like Vegetarians and Vegans.[4]

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