Maximilian Sforza

Massimiliano Sforza, c.14961499

Maximilian (Massimiliano) Sforza (25 January 1493 4 June 1530) was a Duke of Milan from the Sforza family, the son of Ludovico Sforza. He ruled 15121515,[1] between the occupations of Louis XII of France (1500–1512), and Francis I of France in 1515. After the French victory at the Battle of Marignano, Massimiliano was imprisoned by the returning French troops. He waived his rights to Milan for the sum of 30,000 ducats and continued to live in France.[2]

When he was three his father tried to arrange a marriage between him and Mary Tudor, the younger daughter of King Henry VII of England. However, Henry VII rejected the proposal as Massimiliano's father was hoping that Henry would help him against the French, which was not in Henry's interest.


Maximilian Sforza's ancestors in three generations

Muzio Sforza
Francesco I Sforza
Lucia da Torsano
Ludovico Sforza
Filippo Maria Visconti
Bianca Maria Visconti
Agnese del Maino
Maximilian Sforza
Niccolò III d'Este
Ercole d'Este I
Ricciarda da Saluzzo
Beatrice d'Este
Ferdinand I of Naples
Eleanor of Naples
Isabella of Clermont

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Italian nobility
Preceded by
Louis XII of France
Duke of Milan
Succeeded by
Francis I of France

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