Mauria Pass

Mauria Pass
Mauria Pass

Location of Mauria Pass

Elevation 1,298 m (4,259 ft)
Location Veneto/Friuli, Italy
Coordinates 46°27′16″N 12°30′48″E / 46.4544°N 12.5133°E / 46.4544; 12.5133Coordinates: 46°27′16″N 12°30′48″E / 46.4544°N 12.5133°E / 46.4544; 12.5133

The Mauria Pass (Italian: Passo della Mauria) (1298 m) is a high mountain pass between the regions of Veneto and Friuli in Italy. It connects Lorenzago di Cadore in Veneto and Forni di sopra in Friuli. The pass road, the SS 52, has a maximum grade of 10%. Normally, the pass is open year-round. At the summit, there is a restaurant. Although this is an important east-west artery, the pass road is quite narrow. Near the pass to the south is the source of the Tagliamento.

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