Maukhari Empire
CE 550s–8th century
Maukharis and their contemporaries in India
Capital Kannauj
Languages Sanskrit
Religion Hinduism
Government Monarchy
Maharajadhirajas Yagna Varman
Isana Varman
Historical era Classical India
   Established CE 550s
   Disestablished 8th century
Preceded by
Gupta Empire

The Maukhari Dynasty was a royal Indian dynasty that controlled vast areas of Northern India for over six generations. They earlier served as vassals of the Guptas as well as related to Harsha and his short-lived Vardhan dynasty. The Maukharis established their independence at Kannauj, during the 6th century. The dynasty ruled over much of Uttar Pradesh and Magadha. Around 606 CE, a large area of their empire was reconquered by the Later Guptas.[1]


The known Maukhari rulers of madhya-desha include:[2]

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