Matthew Engel

Matthew Lewis Engel (born 11 June 1951 in Northampton)[1] is a British writer and editor who began his career in 1972. He worked on The Guardian newspaper for nearly 25 years, reporting on a wide range of political and sporting events including a stint as Washington correspondent beginning on 9/11. He later wrote columns in the Financial Times and now writes for both these papers. Engel edited the 1993–2000 and 2004–2007 editions of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, with a short break when he worked in the US. He has been a strong critic of the International Cricket Council, international cricket's ruling body.

Engel was the Visiting Professor of Media at the University of Oxford for 2011.[2]

Engel is an alumnus of Carmel College, Oxfordshire, and Manchester University. He lives in Herefordshire with his wife Hilary and daughter Vika. His son Laurie died of cancer in 2005, aged 13, and Engel set up a successful charity fund in his memory, the Laurie Engel Fund, which has raised more than £1.2m in partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust to build a new unit for patients in Birmingham (opened 2010) and for a cancer centre scheduled for 2018. The proceeds of a book he wrote, Extracts from the Red Notebooks (Macmillan), are donated to this fund. His latest book, Engel's England, was published in 2014. He is now writing a book on American influences on the English language, due to be published in 2017.



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