Matt Aitken

This article is about the British songwriter. For the special effects artist, see Matt Aitken (special effects artist).

Matthew James Aitken (born 25 August 1956 in Coventry) is an English songwriter and record producer, brought up in Astley, Greater Manchester, best known as the creative force behind the 1980s songwriting/production trio Stock Aitken Waterman.

It has been claimed by Aitken's collaborator, Pete Waterman that Aitken was a noted perfectionist, particularly when it came to his guitar solos.[1]

He began his musical career as a musician and was a member of many different bands before teaming up with Mike Stock to write and produce music for other artists. They both later teamed up with Pete Waterman, and they went from small independent labels to the major RCA, producing a myriad of hits.[2]

After the partnership split up in the early 1990s,[3] Aitken went into a period of retirement, raising his daughters Isabelle and Romy, and enjoying life. He returned to the music industry[3] briefly, before seemingly retiring again.


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