Matilda of Savoy

For the Queen of Portugal, see Maud of Savoy.
Matilda of Savoy

Matilda of Savoy
Spouse(s) Louis III, Elector Palatine
Noble family Savoy
Father Amadeo, Prince of Achaea
Mother Catherine of Geneva
Born 1390
Died 1438 (aged 4748)

Matilda (Mechtilde) of Savoy (1390–1438) was a daughter of Amadeo, Prince of Achaea (also known as Amadeus of Piedmont or Amadeus of Savoy) and Catherine of Geneva. She was the second wife of the Elector Palatine Louis III, whom she married on 30 November 1417.

Matilda had the following five children:

  1. Mathilde (7 March 1419 1 October 1482), married:
    1. in 1434 to Count Louis I of Württemberg
    2. in 1452 to Duke Albrecht VI of Austria
  2. Louis IV, Elector Palatine (1 January 1424 13 August 1449)
  3. Frederick I, Elector Palatine (1 August 1425 12 December 1476)
  4. Rupprecht (27 February 1427 26 July 1480), Prince-elector archbishop of the Archbishopric of Cologne
  5. Margarete (ca. 1428 23 November 1466), a nun at Liebenau monastery
Matilda of Savoy
Born: 1390 Died: 1438
Preceded by
Elisabeth of Nuremberg
Electress of the Palatinate
Succeeded by
Margaret of Savoy
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