Matelda Faliero

Matelda, was the Dogaressa of Venice by marriage to the Doge Ordelafo Faliero (r. 1102-1117).

She is said to have been the cousin or sister of King Baldwin I of Jerusalem. Matelda has traditionally been described as an ideal of spousal fidelity. During her time as dogaressa, Venice was struck by several nature catastrophes, and during those, Matelda led the women of Venice in prays to soften the perceived wrath of God. In 1117, she warned Ordelafo to wage war on Byzantium claiming that his place was with his people in the time of crisis. After the Zara campaign, were the doge was killed, she received the religious artifacts taken as war price when they were brought to Venice and installed them in San Maggiore. After this, she joined the convent of San Zaccaria.


Preceded by
Felicia Cornaro
Dogaressa of Venice
Dogaressa Alicia
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