Coordinates: 17°0′0″S 72°6′23″W / 17.00000°S 72.10639°W / -17.00000; -72.10639 Matarani is a port city in Arequipa Region, Peru. It is a major port on the southern coast of Peru. The port is operated by Tisur.

Pacific Ocean terminal of the Interoceanic Highway

Matarani is one of the 3 ports which comprise the Peruvian termini of the Interoceanic Highway. As such it is an important element in the current plan between the governments of Peru and Brazil to integrate an Atlantic-Pacific corridor between the two nations. This corridor would give Brazil access to the Pacific while not having to pay the costs, restrictions, and distance of the Panama Canal. It also will give Peru access to the Atlantic via a series of ports on the Atlantic coast allowing faster and easier access to the atlantic markets. It will also allow Peru to use its access to the Atlantic via the Amazon river through Peru's ports of Iquitos, Pucallpa, and Yurimaguas.

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