Master Prabhakar

Master Prabhakar
Born Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Occupation Actor
Years active 1967-2002
Relatives Sumathi (sister)

Master Prabhakar, (born Prabhakar vaishyan) is an Indian film actor, who primarily worked in Tamil cinema, and few Telugu films. As a technician he has worked for few Bollywood films. He made his acting debut with the Tamil film Devalayam directed by G. R. Nathan, and he was starred in 150 feature films.[1][2]

Personal life

Prabhakar was born in Madurai; a city in Tamil Nadu, India. His mother tongue is Saurashtra. His father and mother were originally from Madurai. His father managed several businesses such as photo studio and printing press. His mother, was a housewife taking care of his sister Sumathi and his other six brothers and two sisters. Prabakhar was the first one in the family to enter the film industry. In 1966, Prabahakr moved in with her Aunt along with sumathi to pursue his dreams.[3]

Selected filmography

As technician


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