Maryborough (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Former Borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created  ()
Abolished 1800

Maryborough was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800.

Members of Parliament


ElectionFirst memberFirst partySecond memberSecond party
1689 Patriot Parliament Pierce Bryan Thady FitzPatrick
1692 St Leger Gilbert Periam Pole
1695 John Weaver
1703 Robert Pigott
November 1713 Gerald Bourke Edward Dodsworth
1713 Robert Pigott William Wall
1730 Warner Westenra
1755 John Pigott
1755 Bartholomew William Gilbert
May 1761 William Gilbert Eyre Coote
1761 John Parnell [1]
1764 Hunt Walsh
1776 Robert Jocelyn, Viscount Jocelyn
1778 John Tydd
1782 Hon. Richard FitzPatrick
October 1783 Sir John Parnell, 2nd Bt Charles Henry Coote
1783 Sir Arthur Brooke, 1st Bt
1785 Frederick Trench
1790 Samuel Hayes
1796 Hon. John Vesey
1798 Eyre Coote Henry Parnell
1800 Edward Dunne
1801 Constituency disenfranchised


  1. from 1766 Sir John Parnell, 1st Bt


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