Location in Libya

Coordinates: 32°35′43″N 22°45′50″E / 32.59528°N 22.76389°E / 32.59528; 22.76389Coordinates: 32°35′43″N 22°45′50″E / 32.59528°N 22.76389°E / 32.59528; 22.76389
Country  Libya
District Derna
Population (2006)[1]
  Total 7,730
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Martuba is a town in eastern Libya in the Derna District. It is located 27 km (17 mi) south of Derna. The Martuba Air Base is located in Martuba.

Martuba is connected with Lamluda by two roads. The main road which goes through Derna is part of the Libyan Coastal Highway while The inner road passes through the desert.


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