Marquis of Távora

The Coat of Arms of the Távora family, Marquesses of Távora and Counts of São João da Pesqueira: Argent, five fesses wavy azure.

Count of São João da Pesqueira (in Portuguese Conde de São João da Pesqueira) was a Portuguese title of nobility created by a royal decree, dated from 21 March 1611, by King Philip II of Portugal (aka Philip III of Spain), and granted to Dom Luís Álvares de Távora, Lord of Távora.

In the 17th century this family received new honours: a royal decree of King Afonso VI of Portugal, issued on August 6, 1669, created the title of Marquis of Távora (in Portuguese Marquês de Távora) and granted it to Dom Luís Álvares de Távora, 3rd Count of São João da Pesqueira.

In 1759, these two titles were extinguished once the 4th Marquis was executed following the Távora affair.

List of the Counts of São João da Pesqueira (1611) and Marquesses of Távora (1669)

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