Marquess or Marchioness of Galatone

Coat of arms of the Squarciafico.
Coat of arms of the Pinelli.
Coat of arms of the Ravaschieri.
Coat of arms of the Fieschi.

Marquess or Marchioness of Galatone (Marchese o Marchesa di Galatone) is a noble title created by the Kings of Spain for Stefano Squarciafico, Patrician of Genoa, on 29 June 1562, and inherited according to Spanish nobiliary law. The title is currently held by the Prince or Princess Belmonte, and may be used as a courtesy title.

Creation of the title

The feudality of Galatone was acquired in 1557 by Uberto Squarciafico of Genoa, who died on 8 February 1562 leaving his property to his son Don Stefano. On 29 June of that year, the title Marquess of Galatone was conferred on Stefano by King Philip II of Spain, son of Emperor Charles V. Stefano married Vittoria Doria. He died in 1568, and is buried in the family's Chapel, the Cappella di San Marco, at Copertino Castle.


For the descent of the Dukedom of Acerenza, Marquisate of Galatone and County of Copertino to the present day in the line of the Princes and Princesses of Belmonte, see Prince or Princess Belmonte. See also the Dukedom of Acerenza, for the line of the Dukes prior to their marriage alliance with the Ravaschieri Fieschi, Princes of Belmonte.

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