Mark Schilling

Mark Schilling
Born 1949 (age 6667)
Zanesville, Ohio, United States
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Film critic

Mark Schilling (born 1949 in Zanesville, Ohio)[1] is an American film critic, journalist, translator, and author based in Tokyo, Japan. He has written for The Japan Times, Variety, and Screen International.


Schilling's book, The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture, was described by D. James Romero of Los Angeles Times as "a history as well as a guidebook to one of the freshest influences in the American popular stream."[2]

He has also written books such as Contemporary Japanese Film,[3] The Yakuza Movie Book: A Guide to Japanese Gangster Films,[4] and No Borders, No Limits: Nikkatsu Action Cinema.[5]

He curated the "No Borders, No Limits: 1960s Nikkatsu Action Cinema" series for Japan Society in 2007.[6]





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