Mark (Dintel)

For another river in Belgium, tributary to the Dender, see Mark (Dender).
The Mark near Zevenbergen

The Mark is a river in Belgium and the Netherlands. It rises north of Turnhout, Belgium, in the municipality of Merksplas. It passes through Hoogstraten before crossing the border with the Netherlands. In the city centre of Breda it receives its main tributary Aa of Weerijs. Below Oudenbosch the Mark is known under the name Dintel. The Dintel flows into the Volkerak (part of the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta) at Dintelsas. The Dintel and Mark are navigable for cargo ships up to 86 metres (282 ft) long from Dintelsas to Breda.


Coordinates: 51°39′31″N 4°22′08″E / 51.6587°N 4.3689°E / 51.6587; 4.3689

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