Marilina Ross

Marilina Ross
Born María Celina Parrondo
(1943-02-16) February 16, 1943
Liniers, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Residence Buenos Aires
Nationality Argentine
Occupation Actress, singer
Website Marilina Ross

Marilina Ross (born María Celina Parrondo, February 16, 1943, Liniers, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine singer and actress. She went into exile in Spain during the years of National Reorganization Process (1976–80), because this would not allow her to develop her artistic activities in Argentina.[1]

Ex-spouse of actor Emilio Alfaro, she is a friend of the actresses Norma Aleandro, Cristina Banegas, Selva Alemán, singer Piero and writer Alberto Migré. Also, she was a friend of the late actress Bárbara Mujica, with whom she shared several works.



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