Marijin Dvor (Sarajevo)

For a village in Croatia by the same name, see Marindvor.

Marijin Dvor
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Area code(s) +387

Marijin Dvor (Cyrillic: Маријин Двор; Maria's Yard in English) or Marindvor (Cyrillic: Мариндвор), is a neighborhood in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


An entire section of Sarajevo got its name from Marijin dvor, a building in Sarajevo. This neighborhood is recognizable by the fact that there are buildings that are heritage from the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.[1]

The building was constructed by Austrian August Braun, who named it and the neighborhood by his wife's name, Marija. There is also a street in the neighborhood named after him, Ulica Augusta Brauna.


In the vicinity are many important buildings of Sarajevo city itself; National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Holiday Inn Sarajevo, UNITIC World Trade Towers, Sarajevo City Center, Greece–Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Building (old Parliament building pre-1992) as well as Alta Shopping Sarajevo, Hastahana Skate Park and others.

Iconic Holiday Inn Sarajevo, was home of foreign correspondents during 1984 Winter Olympics and throughout of Siege of Sarajevo during Bosnian War.

The UNITIC Twin Skyscrapers were built in 1980s. They were colloquially named "Momo and Uzeir" after two characters from a radio comedy show, a Serb and a Bosniak. The towers were heavily damaged by shelling during the Siege of Sarajevo but remained standing, becoming symbols of resilience.[2] They were renovated after the war.

One of the most beautiful city squares in the capital Sarajevo, is Marijin Dvor, summer 2010.
View onto Marijin Dvor, Sarajevo
Vintage Austria-Hungary architecture around Hastahana Park in Marijin Dvor (in 2005)


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