Marie of Brittany, Viscountess of Rohan

For other people with the same name, see Marie of Brittany.
Marie with her mother and sister.

Marie of Brittany (14441506) was the younger daughter of Francis I, Duke of Brittany, by Isabella, daughter of King James I of Scotland. She was married to John II, Viscount of Rohan and Count of Porhoët.[1]


Marie of Brittany married John II of Rohan, Viscount of Rohan, Count of Leon and Porhoët in 1462. John II was the son of Alain IX of Rohan († 1462) and Marie de Lorraine-Vaudémont († 1455).

Marie was the sister-in-law of Francis II, Duke of Brittany through the marriage of her older sister, Margaret, to Francis in 1455. Margaret and Francis has a son who died at a young age. Margaret died in 1469 and from that date, John II of Rohan becomes heir to the throne after the daughters of Francis II .


Marie and John II of Rohan had seven children.



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