Maria of Nassau (1539–1599)

Maria (Dillenburg, 18 March 1539 - Kasteel Ulft, 28 May 1599), Countess of Nassau, Katzenelnbogen, Vianden and Dietz, was a Dutch noblewoman.


She was the second daughter of William I, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg and Juliana of Stolberg, making Maria a sister of William the Silent. On 11 November 1556 she married count Willem IV van den Bergh (1537–1586) in Meurs. Count Willem committed treason against his brother in law William by defecting to the Spanish. He and Maria were caught but were quickly freed on William's intervention.

Maria is buried in the crypt of the church at 's-Heerenberg.


Maria and Willem IV van den Bergh had 16 children:

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