Maria of Bohemia

Maria of Bohemia (c. 1124 or 1125 1160 or 1172) was the only daughter of Duke Soběslav I, Duke of Bohemia, and his wife Adelaide of Hungary, the granddaughter of Géza I of Hungary. Maria was Margravine of Austria and Duchess of Bavaria by her first marriage to Leopold IV, Duke of Bavaria, and Margravine of Baden and Verona by her second marriage to Herman III, Margrave of Baden.


Maria married Leopold IV on 28 September 1138. The bride was in her early teens, and the groom was in his early 30s. One year after her marriage, the Babenberg family gained the Duchy of Bavaria as a fief by Emperor Conrad III. The marriage lasted three years, ending with Leopold's unexpected death. The marriage produced no heirs for Leopold and the Margraviate of Austria and the Duchy of Bavaria were inherited by her brother-in-law, Henry II, Duke of Austria.

One year later, she remarried to Herman III, Margrave of Baden, who had been Margrave of Baden since 1130. Maria was his second wife. After her husband took the Margravate of Verona in 1151, she became Margravine of Verona.

She had the following children with Hermann:

Otto died 16 January 1160. Maria disappeared from then although she may have been alive in 1172. She is buried at Scheyern Abbey.[1]



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