Maria Moors Cabot Prizes

The Maria Moors Cabot Prizes are the oldest international awards in the field of journalism.[1] They are presented each fall by the Trustees of Columbia University to journalists in the Western hemisphere who are viewed as having made a significant contribution to Inter-American understanding. Sometimes the prize is awarded to an organization instead of an individual.[2]


The American Boston industrialist and philanthropist Godfrey Lowell Cabot, who founded the Cabot Corporation and was also a major benefactor of both MIT and Harvard, where the general science library is named in his honor, established the Maria Moors Cabot Prizes in 1938 in memory of his wife.[3]

The prizes have been awarded annually since 1939 by the Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York on recommendation of the dean of the Graduate School of Journalism and the Cabot Prize Board, which is composed of journalists and educators.

The awards board consists of the following persons:

José de Córdoba, senior special writer for The Wall Street Journal, covering the southern hemisphere.

Carlos Dada, Salvadoran journalist, founder and director of El Faro. He won the Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 2011.

John Dinges, The Godfrey Lowell Cabot Professor of Journalism at Columbia University is an author and journalist specializing in Latin America. He received a Maria Moors Cabot Prizes medal in 1992.

Juan Enriquez Cabot, Authority on economic and political impacts of life sciences. Best-selling author; speaker; investor/co-founder in multiple start up companies; board member for both private and public companies/non-profits. Former founding Director of Life Sciences Project at Harvard Business School.

June Carolyn Erlick, editor-in-chief of ReVista, the Harvard Review of Latin America.

Gustavo Gorritti, Peruvian journalist, the founder of lDL Reporteros. He is a recipient of a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University and a winner of the Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 1992.

Carlos Lauría, Americas Program Coordinator at the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Julia Preston, national correspondent for The New York Times. Preston received a Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 1997.

María Teresa Ronderos, Serves as Director of Ronderos is an editorial advisor to Semana. She received the King of Spain Ibero-American Award in 1997 and received a Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 2007.

Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.[4]


Three to four medalists from the United States, Latin America, and Canada are selected each year. Prize winners receive the Cabot medal and a $5,000 honorarium, plus travel expenses to New York City and hotel accommodations for the presentation ceremony.

As of 2014, 273 Cabot gold medals and 56 special citations have been awarded to journalists from more than 30 countries in the Americas.

Year Honorees Country
2012 Teodoro Petkoff  Venezuela
Miguel Ángel Bastenier  Colombia
Juan Forero  United States
David Luhnow  United States
El Universo  Ecuador
2011 Arizona Daily Star  United States
El Diario de Juárez  Mexico
Ríodoce  Mexico
Carlos Dada  El Salvador
Jean-Michel Leprince  Canada
2010 Tyler Bridges  United States
Carlos Fernando Chamorro  Nicaragua
Norman Gall  United States
Joaquim Ibarz  Spain
Signal FM radio station  Haiti
CNN and Anderson Cooper 360°  United States
2009 Anthony DePalma  United States
Christopher Hawley  United States
Merval Pereira  Brazil
Yoani Sánchez  Cuba
2008 Carmen Aristegui Flores  Mexico
Sam Quiñones  United States
Gustavo Sierra  Argentina
Michael Smith  United States
2007 Alfredo Corchado  Mexico
José Vales  Mexico
María Teresa Ronderos  Colombia
Gary T. Marx  United States
2006 Mario Vargas Llosa  Peru
Ginger Thompson  United States
José Hamilton Ribeiro  Brazil
Matt Moffet  United States
2005 Miriam Leitão  Brazil
Tim Padgett  United States
Mabel Rehnfeldt  Paraguay
S. Lynne Walker  United States
La Nación  Costa Rica
2004 Gerardo Reyes (journalist)  United States
Daniel Santoro  Argentina
Elena Poniatowska  Mexico
Joel Millman  United States
Alberto Ibargüen  United States
2003 João Antônio Barros  Brazil
Raúl Kraiselburd  Argentina
Mac Margolis  United States
Michael Reid  United Kingdom
Sociedad de Periodistas Manuel Márquez Sterling  Cuba
2002 David C. Adams  United States
Sergio Luis Carreras  Argentina
Michèle Montas  Haiti
Robert J. Rivard  United States
2001 Monica Gonzalez  Chile
Jorge Ramos  United States
Clóvis Rossi  Brazil
Sebastian R. Rotella  United States
2000 Eloy O. Aguilar  Mexico
Paul Knox  Canada
Francisco Santos  Colombia
Ricardo Uceda  Peru
Lloyd Williams  Jamaica
1999 James McClatchy  United States
Raúl Rivero  Cuba
Linda Robinson  United States
Juan Tamayo  United States
Jorge Zepeda Patterson  Mexico
1998 Jesús Blancornelas  Mexico
Edmundo Cruz Vílchez  Peru
Andrés Oppenheimer  United States
William Lawrence Rohter, Jr.  United States
1997 Gerardo Bedoya  Colombia
José de Córdoba  United States
Jorge Fontevecchia  Argentina
Julia Preston  United States
Enrique Santos Castillo  Colombia
Hernando Santos Castillo  Colombia
1996 Dudley Althaus  United States
Ramón Garza García  Mexico
Timothy Jay Johnson  United States
Eduardo Ulibarri  Costa Rica
1995 Roberto Eisenmann  Panama
Douglas Farah  United States
Canute James  Jamaica
Geri Smith  United States
José Zamora Marroquín  Guatemala
1994 James Brooke  United States
Mauricio Funes  El Salvador
Susan Meiselas  United States
Oscar Serrat  Argentina
1993 Pamela Constable  United States
Manuel de Dios  United States
Edward Seaton  United States
Patricia Verdugo  Chile
1992 Danilo Arbilla  Uruguay
Sam Dillon  United States
John Dinges  United States
Gustavo Gorriti  Peru
1991 Ricardo Arnt  Brazil
Gilberto Dimenstein  Brazil
Otavio Frias Filho  Brazil
Eduardo Gallardo  Chile
Alejandro Junco de la Vega  Mexico
1990 Richard Boudreaux  United States
Huascar Cajias Kauffman  Bolivia
Elsie Etheart  Haiti
Alma Guillermoprieto  Mexico
Carlos Lins da Silva  Brazil
Lucia Newman  United States
1989 Felipe López Caballero  Colombia
Humberto Rubín Schvartzman  Paraguay
Juan M. Vazquez  United States
Arturo Villar  United States
1988 Nicholas Clark Asheshov  Peru
Roberto Civita  Brazil
Stephen Kinzer  United States
Hermenegildo Sábat  Argentina
1987 Luis Camacho (posthumous)  Colombia
Guillermo Cano Isaza (posthumous)  Colombia
Raúl Echavarría Barrientos  Colombia
Guy Gugliotta  United States
Luis Levy  Brazil
Roberto Muller  Brazil
Paulo Sotero  Brazil
1986 Dario Arizmendi  Colombia
Alfonso Chardy  United States
Hugh O'Shaughnessy  United Kingdom
Julio Rajneri  Argentina
Guillermo Sánchez Borbón  Panama
Gavin Scott  United States
1985 Shirley Christian  United States
Dery Dyer  Costa Rica
Richard Dyer  Costa Rica
William H. Heath  United States
Rafael Herrera  Dominican Republic
Andrew Morrison  Guyana
Aldo Zuccolillo  Paraguay
1984 William Buzenberg  United States
Kenneth Gordon  Trinidad and Tobago
John Hoagland (posthumous)  United States
Harold Hoyte  Barbados
Alister Hughes  Grenada
Cynthia Hughes  Grenada
Frank Manitzas  United States
1983 Jack Fendell  United States
Emilio Filippi  Chile
Everett Martin  United States
Marcel Neidergang  France
1982 Frances Grant  United States
William R. Long  United States
Daniel Samper  Colombia
1981 Karen DeYoung  United States
Marlise Simons  Netherlands
Stanley Swinton  United States
Jacobo Timerman  Argentina
1980 Richard T. Baker  United States
Guido Fernández  Costa Rica
Penny Lernoux  United States
Alan Riding  United States
Bill Stewart (posthumous)  United States
1979 Leslie Ashenheim  Jamaica
Jerry Hannifin  United States
Andrew Heiskell  United States
Jeremiah O'Leary  United States
Juan Zuleta Ferrer  Colombia
1978 Joseph Benham  United States
Carlos Castelo Branco  Brazil
Robert Cox  Argentina
Carl Migdail  United States
1977 Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal  Nicaragua
Jonathan Kandell  United States
Joseph A. Taylor  United States
Anita von Kahler Gumpert  United States
1976 Robert U. Brown  United States
Bernard Diederich  United States
Germán Ornes  Dominican Republic
Jorge Remonda-Ruibal  Argentina
1975 Walter Everett (journalist)  United States
Norman Ingrey  Argentina
David Kraiselburd (posthumous)  Argentina
Sam Summerlin  United States
Enrique Zileri Gibson  Peru
1974 Donald Bohning  United States
William Montalbano  United States
Fernando Pedreira  Brazil
1973 David F. Belnap  United States
Donald Casey  United States
Diana Julio de Massot  Argentina
1972 Pedro Beltrán  Peru
Tom Steithorst  United States
Arturo Uslar Pietri  Venezuela
1971 Juan Carlos Colombres (Landrú)  Argentina
Georgie Anne Geyer  United States
Julio Scherer García  Mexico
1970 Alberto Dines  Brazil
John Goshko  United States
John Harbron  Canada
1969 Alceu Amoroso Lima  Brazil
Edward W. Barrett  United States
George Beebe  United States
Luis Gabriel Cano  Colombia
1968 Robert Bellerez  United States
Alberto Gainza Paz  Argentina
Guillermo Gutiérrez  United States
Argentina Hills  Puerto Rico
José Joaquin Salcedo  Colombia
1967 Peter Aldor  Colombia
James S. Copley  United States
James Goodsell  United States
M.F. Nascimento Brito  Brazil
Ramón J. Velásquez  Venezuela
1966 Alberto Cellario  United States
Agustín Edwards Eastman  Chile
Paul Kidd (journalist)  Canada
1965 Gesford Fine  United States
Roberto Marinho  Brazil
Victoria Ocampo  Argentina
Paul Sanders  United States
1964 Hugo Fernández Artucio  Uruguay
Bertram Johansson  United States
Enrique Nores  Argentina
Virginia Prewett  United States
1963 Germán Arciniegas  Colombia
William Barlow  United States
Jorge Fernández  Ecuador
Juan de Onis  United States
Juan Valmaggia  Argentina
1962 Raúl Fontaina  Uruguay
John R. Herbert  United States
Rodolfo Junco de la Vega  Mexico
John Shively Knight  United States
1961 Alejandro Carrión  Ecuador
Fernando Gómez Martínez  Colombia
Albert Nevins  United States
Rómulo O'Farrill  Mexico
John T. O'Rourke  United States
1960 James Canel  United States
José Dutriz, Jr.  El Salvador
Rodolfo Luque  Argentina
William M. Pepper, Jr.  United States
Eduardo Santos  Colombia
1959 Ricardo Castro Beeche  Costa Rica
Clement Hellyer  United States
Juan A. Ramírez  Uruguay
Tad Szulc  United States
Hernane Tavares de Sá  Brazil
1958 Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta  Mexico
Eduardo Cardenas  United States
Jesús Hernández Chapellín  Venezuela
Miguel Angel Quevedo  Cuba
1957 Paulo Bittencourt  Brazil
Luis Franzini  Uruguay
Harry W. Frantz  United States
John Shively Knight  United States
Miguel Lanz Duret  Mexico
Carlos Mantilla  Ecuador
Roberto Marinho  Brazil
Guillermo Martínez Márquez  Cuba
Herbert Moses  Brazil
John T. O'Rourke  United States
René Silva Espejo  Chile
James Geddes Stahlman  United States
Tom Wallace  United States
1956 Carl W. Ackerman  United States
Jesús Alvarez del Castillo  Mexico
Roberto García Peña  Colombia
Herbert Matthews  United States
David Torino  Argentina
1955 Pedro Beltrán  Peru
Breno Caldas  Brazil
John Oliver LaGorce  United States
Roberto Noble  Argentina
A. T. Steele  United States
1954 Gabriel Cano  Colombia
Sidney Fletcher  Jamaica
Danton Jobim  Brazil
Carlos Ramirez MacGregor  Venezuela
Lloyd Statton  United States
1953 Crede Clahoun  United States
Carlos Lacerda  Brazil
Ismael Pérez Castro  Ecuador
Arturo Schaerer  Paraguay
1952 Antonio Arias Bernal  Mexico
Austregésilo de Athayde  Brazil
Jorge Délano Frederick (Coke)  Chile
Jules Dubois  United States
Juan B. Fernández  Colombia
1951 Elmano Cardim  Brazil
Julio Garzón  United States
Ramón León  Venezuela
Francisco María Núñez  Costa Rica
1950 John Brogan  United States
María Constanza Huergo  Argentina
Jesús María Pellín  Venezuela
Joshua Powers  United States
Ángel Ramos  Puerto Rico
1949 Milton Bracker  United States
Eduardo Rodriguez Larreta  Uruguay
José Santiago Castillo  Ecuador
1948 Manuel Cineros Sánchez  Peru
Joseph L. Jones  United States
Orlando Ribeiro Dantas  Brazil
Alfredo Silva-Carballo  Chile
1947 Carlos Aramayo  Bolivia
Alberto Lleras Camargo  Colombia
David Vela  Guatemala
1946 Grant Dexter  Canada
Lee Hills  United States
Miguel Lanz Duret  Mexico
1945 Assis Chateaubriand  Brazil
Luis Teófilo Nuñez  Venezuela
Tom Wallace  United States
1944 Carlos Mantilla Ortega  Ecuador
Albert McGeachy  Panama
Jorge Pinto  El Salvador
1943 Pedro Cue  Cuba
Rodrigo de Llano  Mexico
Edward Tomlinson  United States
1942 Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco  Uruguay
Luis Mitre  Argentina
1941 Paulo Bittencourt  Brazil
Sylvia Bittencourt  Brazil
Carlos Dávila  Chile
José Ignacio Rivero  Cuba
1940 Agustín Edwards Mac Clure  Chile
James Irving Miller  United States
Enrique Santos Montejo  Colombia
Rafael Heliodoro Valle  Honduras
1939 Luis Miró Quesada de la Guerra  Peru
José Santos Gollan  Argentina


The winners of the award are announced between May and July, and the prizes are presented by the President of Columbia University each fall at a ceremony in the rotunda of Low Memorial Library.

Yoani Sánchez case

In 2009, 34-year-old Cuban writer Yoani Sánchez became the first blogger to win the Maria Moors Cabot Prize. The award was given for her blog Generación Y, which contained much criticism of the Cuban regime. Sánchez was denied an exit visa to travel to New York to receive her prize.[5]


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