Maria Asenina of Bulgaria

Empress consort of Bulgaria
Tenure 12561257
Predecessor Elisabeth Rostislavna
Successor Irene Laskarina of Nicaea
Born Unknown
Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Died Unknown
Byzantine Empire
Spouse Mitso Asen of Bulgaria
Issue Ivan Asen III, Kira Maria
House House of Asen
Father Ivan Asen II
Mother Irene Komnene of Epirus

Maria Asenina of Bulgaria was a Bulgarian princess and empress consort. She was the consort of Emperor Mitso Asen of Bulgaria (r. 1256-1257).

She was the daughter of Emperor Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria and Empress Irene Komnene of Epirus. Through her mother, she was a granddaughter of Theodore of Epirus. She is mother of Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Asen III (r. 1279-1280) and of Bulgarian Empress Kira Maria, who married Emperor George I of Bulgaria.


Maria Asenina of Bulgaria
Born: 1238?–1241? Died: ?
Royal titles
Preceded by
Elizabeth Rostislavna
Empress consort of Bulgaria
Succeeded by
Irene Laskarina of Nicea

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