Truyère river

Margeride (In Auvergnat Marjarida) is a mountainous region of France, situated in the Massif Central, inside the départements of Cantal, Haute-Loire and Lozère.


In Cantal, its western boundary is the Truyère, and its eastern boundary, in Haute-Loire, by the gorges of the river Allier. To the south, in Lozère, It is the Lot which delimits the region.


The lithology of area is manly granitoids and gneiss. The highest peaks are the Signal de Randon at 1,551 metres and the Mont Mouchet at 1,465 metres.

Other details

In the 18th century the Margeride was terrorised by the Beast of Gévaudan.

The area was a stronghold of the French Resistance in the Second World War. It was from here that the Resistance worked to delay German reinforcements travelling north after the D-Day landings.

Today the area contains a museum of ecology, and a park with a herd of rare European Bison.

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