Margaret of Brittany

Margaret of Brittany

Isabella of Scotland with her daughter Margaret of Brittany behind.
Duchess of Brittany
Tenure 26 December 1458 – 25 September 1469
Born c. 1443
Died 25 September 1469 (aged 2526)
Burial Nantes Cathedral
Spouse Francis II, Duke of Brittany
Issue John, Count of Montfort
House Dreux-Montfort
Father Francis I, Duke of Brittany
Mother Isabella of Scotland
Religion Roman Catholicism

Margaret of Brittany (in Breton Marc'harid Breizh, in French Marguerite de Bretagne) (c. 1443 – 25 September 1469) was a duchess consort of Brittany. She was the elder of the two daughters of Francis I, Duke of Brittany (died 1450), by his second wife, Isabella of Scotland, and hence granddaughter of James I of Scotland.

Since the Breton War of Succession, Brittany had been understood to operate according to semi-Salic Law–women could only inherit if the male line had died out. As expected from the provision of the Treaty of Guérande, which ended the war, neither Margaret nor her younger sister, Marie, were recognized as heirs of the duchy. After her father's death, her uncle Peter II succeeded as Duke of Brittany. He was also childless and to avoid any subsequent dispute, he arranged the marriage of Margaret to Francis of Étampes, the second in the order of succession and the last male left of the Breton House of Montfort, and the younger Marie to John II, Viscount of Rohan, the most powerful noble in Brittany.

In 13 or 16 November 1455, she was married to her cousin Francis of Étampes at the Château de l'Hermine, Vannes. She became Duchess of Brittany upon his accession as Francis II, Duke of Brittany in 1458. Their only son John, Count of Montfort, died at a young age. [lower-alpha 1]

Margaret died, September 25, 1469, in Nantes. She was buried in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Nantes, in the tomb constructed for her and her husband and later his second wife, Margaret of Foix.



  1. Anne of Brittany (1476/7–1514), queen successively of Charles VIII of France and Louis XII of France, was her widower's daughter by a subsequent marriage.
Margaret of Brittany
Cadet branch of the House of Dreux
Born: 1443 Died: 25 September 1469
Royal titles
Preceded by
Catherine of Luxembourg-Saint-Pol
Duchess consort of Brittany
Succeeded by
Margaret of Foix
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