Margaret of Brabant

For Margaret, daughter of John III, Duke of Brabant, see Margaret of Brabant (1323–1368).
Margaret of Brabant
German Queen
Tenure 1308–1311
Born 4 October 1276
Died 14 December 1311
Genoa, Italy
Spouse Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
Issue John, King of Bohemia
Maria, Queen of France
Beatrix, Queen of Hungary
House House of Reginar
Father John I, Duke of Brabant
Mother Marguerite of Flanders

Margaret of Brabant (4 October 1276 14 December 1311), was the daughter of John I, Duke of Brabant and Margaret of Flanders. She was the wife of Count Henry of Luxemburg and after his coronation in 1308, she became Holy Roman Queen.


She was married to Henry on 9 July 1292 which was arranged to settle a long-standing dispute with the Duke of Brabant over the Duchy of Limburg, with the duke abandoning his claim to Limburg at the time Margaret's marriage took place.[1] By all accounts, the marriage proved to be happy.[1] She became the Queen consort of Germany in 1308 when her husband was crowned king.

Henry and Margaret had three children:

Margaret (far left) with daughter-in-law Elisabeth (centre) and Anna granddaughter-in-law (right)

Margaret accompanied her husband on his Italy campaign, became ill during the siege of Brescia and died a few months later in Genoa, where she was buried in the church of San Francesco di Castelletto. Her death was recorded in the Gesta Baldewini Luczenburch in December 1311. The famous sculptor Giovanni Pisano was commissioned by the Emperor to create a monument in her memory in 1313 (parts of it are still preserved in Genoa, Museo di Sant'Agostino and Galleria Nazionale della Liguria in Palazzo Spinola).



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Preceded by
Elisabeth of Tirol
German Queen
Succeeded by
Beatrix of Świdnica
and Isabel of Aragon
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