Margaret of Berg-Windeck

Margaret of Berg-Windeck

Margaret's tomb in the St. Lambertus in Düsseldorf-Altstadt
Spouse(s) Otto IV, Count of Ravensberg
Noble family House of Ardennes-Verdun
Father Henry of Berg, Lord of Windeck
Mother Agnes of the Marck
Born c.1275/1280
Died between 1339 and 1346
Buried St. Lambertus in Düsseldorf-Altstadt

Margaret of Berg-Windeck (c.1275/1280 between 1339 and 1346) was a German noblewoman.


She was the only daughter of Henry of Berg, Lord of Windeck and his wife Agnes of the Marck.

In 1313, she married Otto IV, a son of Count Otto III of Ravensberg. Margaret and Otto had a daughter, Margaret, who in married Duke Gerhard VI of Jülich in 1338

Otto IV died in 1328, and as he had no son, Ravensberg was inherited by his younger brother Bernard. When Bernard died childless in 1346, Margaret's daughter inherited the County of Ravensberg.

She was last mentioned as being alive in 1339. She is not mentioned in 1346, when her daughter inherited the County, which would suggest that she had probably died already.[1]

When Margaret's brother Adolf IX of Berg died childless in 1348, her daughter inherited the Duchy of Berg.

Margaret was buried in the St. Lambertus in Düsseldorf-Altstadt.


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