Margaret Clark (politician)

Mayor Margaret Clark
Preceded by John Tran
Succeeded by Gary A. Taylor
Personal details
Spouse(s) Jim Clark
Profession Educator

Margaret Clark is the former mayor of Rosemead, California. Having previously served six terms, she now serves on the Rosemead city council.[1] When she was re-elected mayor in 2009, she stated: "I'll look at each project that comes before us individually," she said. "The council sets policy... We hire people to implement our visions. I will hire people that have vision, that have the expertise and we will look at what they are recommending, but I am not a micromanager." "My vision is to keep Rosemead a bedroom community, with places to shop and eat and enjoy." [2]


In March 2005, Rosemead's city council election became quite contentious due to citywide anti-Wal-Mart sentiment.[3] Clark, who supported the addition of a Wal-Mart to the city, came in third in the election behind challengers John Tran and John Nunez.[4]

While serving on Rosemead's city council in May 2008, Clark supported the censure of a city councilman who was accused of sexually harassing a former city employee. The suit brought by the former employee was settled out of court for $330,000 - to be paid by the City of Rosemead's liability insurance.[5] Clark, who opposed any settlement that would find the City of Rosemead liable, criticized the statement saying, "I think it's just outrageous what he did, and that there are no consequences for him."[6][7] Although the councilman had written a letter of apology to all city employees except city council members,[8] Clark stated that "he should do the honorable thing and resign." She also stated "This letter does not apologize for anything" and said she believed that the letter was a "ploy" in preparation for the 2009 election.[9] In the 2009 election, the accused councilman was defeated, losing his council seat.[10]

Personal history

Margaret Clark is the great-granddaughter of former United States President Rutherford B. Hayes.[11]

Clark holds a Bachelor's degree and a teaching credential from UCLA. As an undergraduate, Clark studied in Europe at the University of Bordeaux, through the University of California's Education Abroad Program. While a student at UCLA, she met her husband, Jim Clark. After their marriage, they moved to Rosemead,[12] where they raised their family and have been residents for more than 40 years.[13]

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