Marcin Bielski

Marcin Bielski

Marcin Bielski (or Wolski) (1495 – December 18, 1575) was a Polish chronicler and satirical poet. He was born of noble parentage on the patrimonial estate of Biała, Pajęczno County (whence the family name), in the Polish province of Sieradz. The name Wolski is derived from his estate at Wola. One of two Polish writers of the same name, he was the first to use the Polish language, hence his designation as the father of Polish prose.


Bielski was educated at the University of Kraków, founded by Casimir the Great in 1364, and spent some time with the military governor of that city. He served in the army in the wars against the Wallachians and Tatars, and participated in the Battle of Obertyn (Galicia) in 1531.

He was the author of several works, including:

After Bielski's death, several satirical poems by him were published:

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