Manufacturer's empty weight

In aviation, Manufacturer's empty weight (MEW) (also known as Manufacturer's weight empty (MWE)) is the weight of the aircraft "as built" and includes the weight of the structure, power plant, furnishings, installations, systems and other equipment that are considered an integral part of an aircraft before additional operator items are added for operation.

Basic aircraft empty weight is essentially the same and excludes any baggage, passengers, or usable fuel. Some manufacturers define this empty weight as including optional equipment, i.e. GPS units, cargo baskets, or spotlights.

Specification MEW

This is the MEW quoted in the manufacturer's standard specification documents and is the aircraft standard basic dry weight upon which all other standard specifications and aircraft performance are based by the manufacturer.

The Specification MEW includes the weight of:[1]

For small aircraft, the MEW may include unusable fuel and oil.

The Specification MEW excludes the weight of:

For small aircraft, the specification MEW is known as the standard empty weight (or standard weight empty).

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