Manuel Rengifo

Manuel Rengifo Cardenas
Born December 31 of 1793
Santiago, Chile
Died March 16, 1845(1845-03-16) (aged 51)
Talca , Chile

Manuel Rengifo Cardenas (Santiago de Chile, Kingdom of Chile, December 31, 1793 Talca, Chile, March 16, 1845), he was a Chilean politician, minister presidents José Tomás Ovalle, Fernando Errázuriz, José Joaquín Prieto Vial and Manuel Bulnes Prieto.[1]

Early life

He was son of Francisco Javier Rengifo and Ana Josefa Cardenas Vial. At 15 years old, he supported his mother and siblings.

After the disaster of the Battle of Rancagua (1814) migrated to Mendoza, Argentina. Ruined several times for bad business, their economic situation improved in Santiago organizing the famous Coffee of the Union.

Marriage and children

Manuel Rengifo was first married to Dolores Vial Formas (parents Manuel Vial), a widower marries Rosario Vial Formas, both daughters of Agustín Vial Santelices.

Public life

The June 19 of 1830, he was named Finance Minister in the administration of Don José Tomás Ovalle. In this position it fit to make an immense task. The country was in the scariest economic deficit when he took over the ministry. One of the most remarkable works of Rengifo, as finance minister, he was the tax and customs reform. Together with it introduced a rigorous economy in public expenditures. Tidied up the mess of debt, both internal and external.

Ovalle, satisfied with the achievements of the Minister Rengifo, who remained in office until his death in 1831, after this Rengifo remained vice president of Fernando Errazuriz and the official presidency José Joaquín Prieto.

He held this ministry on September 19, 1831. Shall subrogate the Ministry of Interior (April 13, 1833). The October 28, 1841 he was again elected minister in the government of President Manuel Bulnes Prieto, and deputy in the Ministry of Interior and Foreign Affairs (December 17, 1841). His parliamentary life is summarized in:

He died in the year of his term as senator.


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