Manga Time

Manga Time

Cover of September 2008 issue.
Categories Seinen manga[1]
Frequency Monthly
First issue June 1981
Company Hōbunsha
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Official site

Manga Time (まんがタイム Manga Taimu) is a Japanese monthly yonkoma manga magazine published by Hōbunsha since June 1981. The magazine is released monthly on the seventh. Manga Home is printed as B5 size. The magazine is sometimes referred to as simply Time (タイム Taimu). It was created in 1981 by spinning off from Japan's first weekly manga magazine, Weekly Manga Times, creating Japan's first yonkoma manga magazine. Its 300th issue was published in 2005, and its longest running series, Otoboke Kachō reached its 300th chapter on March 2006.

Manga Time is the flagship title for Hōbunsha, and has spun off a series of related magazines including Manga Home, Manga Time Jumbo, Manga Time Kirara, Manga Time Lovely, Manga Time Family, Manga Time Kirara Max, Manga Time Special, Manga Time Original, and Manga Time Kirara Carat. All of these manga magazines are marketed as a "poor man's" comic, with a low price point and availability at locations such as convenience stores and train stations.

In addition to the magazines listed above, Manga Time also releases a monthly Manga Time Collection which contains works by only one artist per issue.

Currently serialized works

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Previously serialized works

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