Shown within England
Location Mancetter, Warwickshire, England
Region Brittania
Coordinates 52°34′01″N 01°31′12″W / 52.56694°N 1.52000°W / 52.56694; -1.52000Coordinates: 52°34′01″N 01°31′12″W / 52.56694°N 1.52000°W / 52.56694; -1.52000
Type Fortification and settlement
Founded 50
Periods Roman Imperial

Manduessedum or Manduesedum was a Roman fort and later a civilian small town in the Roman Province of Britannia. Today it is known as Mancetter, located in the English county of Warwickshire.

The fort was founded in around c AD 50-AD 60 on the Watling Street Roman road. The final battle between the rebel queen of the Britons Boudica at the Battle of Watling Street may have taken place near Manduessedum. The British forces were defeated by the Roman general Suetonius Paullinus.

Manduessedum developed into a civilian settlement and was the centre of a pottery making industry. Up to 30 kilns dating from the Roman period have been found in the area.


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