Mandesh is the historical name by which the mountain region of Ghor was called .[1]


The region was governed under a Malik named Suri and the population was not yet converted to Islam.[1]

His son Mohammad who was attacked by Mahmud Ghaznawi is also stated in the Rauzat al Safa to still been a pagan despite his name, and Al Otbi calls him a Hindu. Mahmud took his stronghold in the year 400 (1009) and carried the chief into captivity, where he is said to have poisoned himself. His son Abu Ali was put in his place by Mahmud, no doubt had embraced Islam, and is said to have built Masjids. Nevertheless he was seized imprisoned by his nephew and Abbas after Massud had succeeded to the throne of Ghazana [1]


The word Mandesh originated from sanskrit word Man (मन) + Desh (देश) |

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