Nature Reserve
Area de protección especial Manchón-Guamuchal
Manchón Guamuchal
Country Guatemala
Region San Marcos, Retalhuleu
Landmark Litoral
Coordinates GT 14°28′47″N 92°7′23″W / 14.47972°N 92.12306°W / 14.47972; -92.12306Coordinates: GT 14°28′47″N 92°7′23″W / 14.47972°N 92.12306°W / 14.47972; -92.12306
Area 135 km2 (52 sq mi)
Biome Littoral/intertidal zone
Mangrove forests
Plant mangrove forest
Visitation allowed
Designated 25 April 1995

Manchón Guamuchal is a litoral wetland zone situated along the Pacific coast of Guatemala. It is one of the last remaining mangrove forest area on the pacific coast of Guatemala and an important stop for migratory birds. It was declared a Ramsar site in 1995. [1]


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