Title Manaul
Description Cryptid
Gender Male or Female
Region Philippines

The Manaul bird is a creature of Philippine mythology mentioned in the Code of Kalantiaw. According to this document, the killing of this bird is punishable by death. However, there is tale that the Manaul was the king of birds. He eventually became wicked and was turned into a bird as punishment. He was caught by the wind god, Tabluk Lani, but escaped. Homeless, the Manaul told the Sky that the Sea will rise until it covers it. The Manaul then tells the Sea that the Sky will push it down. Both were furious. The Sky began throwing giant rocks at the Sea which was creating giant waves. The Sky and Sea eventually stopped fighting but the rocks stayed on the sea and become the Manaul's home which are now the Philippine islands themselves. [1]


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