Manasses III, Count of Rethel

Manasses III, Count of Rethel
Spouse(s) Judith of Roucy


Noble family de Rethel
Father Manasses II, Count of Rethel
Mother Dada
Born 1022
Died 1065

Manasses III, Count of Rethel (1022-1065) was a son of Manasses II and his wife Dada. He succeeded his father as Count of Rethel in 1032. Rethel is a town on the River Aisne, in the Ardennes region, in the Northeast of France, located at 49.5085°N, 4.3663°E.

Manasses III married Judith of Roucy (b. 1035), daughter of Count Giselbert of Reims and granddaughter of Renaud of Roucy. He was the father of

Manasses III, Count of Rethel
Born: 1022 Died: 1065
Preceded by
Manasses II
Count of Rethel
Succeeded by
Hugh I

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