Manam Pola Mangalyam

Manam Pola Mangalyam
மனம் போல மாங்கல்யம்
Directed by P. Pulliah
Screenplay by Umachandran
K. V. Srinivasan
Story by Vempati Sadhasivabramham
Starring R. Ganesh
K. Sarangkapani
M. R. Santhanalakshmi
Friend Ramasamy
T.N. Sivathanu
Music by Addepalli Rama Rao
Narayanan and Compay
Release dates
Country India
Language Tamil

Manam Pola Mangalyam is a 1953 Indian Tamil language comedy film directed by P. Pulliah. The film features Gemini Ganesan and Savithri in the lead roles.[1]


Credits adapted from The Hindu:[1]


The film was directed by P. Pulliah and produced by Narayanan and Company. The storyline was written by Telugu screenwriter Vempati Sadhasivabramham, the Tamil script by Umachandran and K. V. Srinivasan. All three men received credit onscreen for the story and screenplay. Gemini Ganesan (then known as R. Ganesh) was cast as the male lead. He appeared in a dual role, one of his characters being an asylum escapee. Savitri and Surabhi Balasaraswathi played the female leads. Although Ganesan was the male lead, K. Sarangkapani, who played an ageing man wanting to marry the heroine, received top billing in the film's credits.[1]


The soundtrack was composed by Addepalli Rama Rao, with lyrics by Kanaka Surabhi. One of the soundtrack's hit numbers was "Maappillai Doi", performed by A. M. Rajah and P. Leela.[1] Another version of the song was performed by T. M. S. Selvakumar.[2] tracklist[2]
No. TitleSinger(s) Length
1. "Maappillai Doi"  P. Leela, A. M. Rajah 3:13
2. "Nalla Caaril Erikondu"  Jikki 3:06
3. "Pona Macchan"  P. Leela 2:42
4. "Ellorukkum Vaaikkiradhu"  P. Leela 2:05
5. "Solai Naduve Odi"  M. L. Vasanthakumari 2:44


The film became a major commercial success, and a breakthrough in the careers of both Savitri and Ganesan. The duo would subsequently act in many films together which became successful. Film historian Randor Guy praised the fact that Ganesan "did not indulge in fisticuffs every fifth scene, nor did he deliver jaw-breaking, alliterative and seemingly endless passages of dialogue." He said the film would be "Remembered for the excellent performances of the new hero in a double role, Gemini Ganesh, Savithri and Sarangapani and the melodious tunes of Rama Rao which are still fondly remembered by old-timers."[1]


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