Manamagan Thevai

Manamagan Thevai
மணமகன் தேவை
Directed by P. S. Ramakrishna Rao
Produced by P. S. Ramakrishna Rao & P. Bhanumathi
Starring Sivaji Ganesan
P. Bhanumathi
J. P. Chandrababu
T. R. Ramachandran
A. Karunanidhi
Music by G. Ramanathan
Distributed by Bharani Pictures
Release dates
  • 17 May 1957 (1957-05-17)
Running time
17075 ft
Country India
Language Tamil

Manamagan Thevai (Tamil: மணமகன் தேவை) is a Comedy-drama Tamil film starring Sivaji Ganesan and P. Bhanumathi as the main cast. Simultaneously made as Varudu Kavaali in Telugu with K. Jaggaiah and P. Bhanumathi. The film was released in the year 1957.


Based on a short story by Charles R. Marion, made as English film titled The Fabulous Senorita in 1952 by Republic Pictures directed by R. G. Springsteen.


The movie was a musical comedy, narrating the hilarious events that unfold a strong-willed daughter of a wealthy man desires to marry a shy professor in preference to a rich suitor chosen by her father. She poses as twin sisters to wriggle out of the situation, and in the pandemonium that follows, lands in deeper trouble.




The music was composed by G. Ramanathan. Lyrics by K. D. Santhanam, A. Maruthakasi & Thanjai N. Ramiah Dass. Singer is P. Bhanumathi & J. P. Chandrababu. Playback singers are Seerkazhi Govindarajan, Ghantasala, A. M. Rajah, Pithapuram Nageswara Rao, P. Leela, Jikki, A. P. Komala, A. G. Rathanamala & K. Jamuna Rani.

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 Nenjinile Pugundhu P. Bhanumathi 03:33
2 Pambara Kannaale Kaadhal Sangadhi Sonnaale J. P. Chandrababu 03:18
3 Yengo Kulukku Thalukku Thavalaiyaa P. Bhanumathi 02:33
4 Kodai Idi Kaatru A. M. Rajah & Jikki 03:10
5 Velavare Ummai Thedi Oru Madandhai P. Bhanumathi
6 Vennilaa Jodhiyai Veesudhe P. Bhanumathi, Ghantasala & Pithapuram Nageswara Rao 04:49
7 PoovaamAl Kaayaadhu.... Kaadhal Kalyaaname Seidha Paappaa P. Leela 04:23
8 Nan Thaan Un Kaadhalan Seerkazhi Govindarajan & P. Bhanumathi 00:56
9 Pottaare Oru Podudhaan A. P. Komala, A. G. Rathanamala & K. Jamuna Rani 01:54
10 Krishna Nee Begane Maaro P. Bhanumathi 2:02


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