Managing editor

A managing editor is a senior member of a publication's management team. Typically, the managing editor (ME) reports directly to the Editor in Chief and oversees all aspects of the publication.

United States

In the United States, a managing editor oversees and coordinates the publication's editorial activities. The managing editor can hire, fire, or promote staff members. Other responsibilities include creating and enforcing deadlines. Most Section Editors will report to the Managing Editor. The ME must enforce policies set by the Editor In Chief. It is their job to approve stories for print or final copy. On matters of controversy, the ME decides whether or not to run controversial pieces.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom a Managing Editor tends to manage budget, staffing, and scheduling for a publication, and may have equivalent ranking to a Deputy Editor in the organization's structure.


The title also applies to the evening televised newscasts, such as those on ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS, and the FOX News Channel. The anchors of these newscasts also work as the Managing editor of their newscasts. Responsibilities vary in different companies. The managing editor – if a station has this position – manages the more day-to-day operations of the newsroom.


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