Man on the Tracks

Man on the Tracks
Directed by Andrzej Munk
Written by Andrzej Munk
Jerzy Stefan Stawinski
Starring Kazimierz Opalinski
Zygmunt Maciejewski
Cinematography Romuald Kropat
Jerzy Wójcik
Distributed by KADR
Release dates
Running time
89 minutes
Country Poland
Language Polish

Man on the Tracks (Polish: Człowiek na torze) is a 1956 film by Andrzej Munk.

Man on the Tracks was one of the first films of the Polish Film School and as such influenced the whole generation of young directors who participated in the movement.

The film tells the story, mostly in flashback, of a railway worker who is fired from his job for alleged sabotage of the Socialist methods of work.


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