South Worcestershire College

South Worcestershire College
England United Kingdom
School type General Further Education
Established 2000 (merger); 2009 (renamed) 2016 Merged with Warwickshire College.
Status Dissolved - Merged with Warwickshire College Group.
Ofsted number 4/11/2013
Gender mixed
Age 16 to 99
Enrolment c.2,000 (full and part-time)
Education system National Curriculum
Communities served South Worcestershire

South Worcestershire College was the new name created in 2009 in order to more accurately reflect the growth and geographical location since the 2000 merger of the administration of two colleges of further education, Evesham College in Evesham and Malvern Hills College in Malvern and their various outreach locations, .[1][2] [3]

In August 2016 the corporation was dissolved when the college merged with Warwickshire College Group.[4] The South Worcestershire campuses then returned to their historical names of Evesham College and Malvern Hills College.[5]


The college provided full and part-time vocational education for students aged 14–18 and a variety of courses and activities for adults. The total number of enrolled students for the Evesham and Malvern campuses, together with the outreach locations, was about 7,000 of which about 10% were students aged 16–18 pursuing full-time education.[6] The college was independently financed by the Worcestershire Local Authority which in turn was partly funded by a grant from the European Social Fund (ESF) to provide level 1 recognised national qualifications in Hairdressing, Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Engineering, Animal Care and Construction. The college had an Acquired Brain Injury Centre and also offered students NVQs and BTEC First, National and Higher National diplomas and certificates. and access to higher education programmes.[7] ESOL courses are provided for Migrant workers and students needing English language support.[8]

A 2006 Ofsted report accorded the school, under its former name of Evesham and Malvern Hills College, a Grade 2 (good),[6] while a 2007 follow up report disclosed the college's firm intention to purchase the Malvern site and extend the facilities. Many of the suggestions in the 2006 report had also been addressed.[8]

Evesham College

The Evesham campus, now returned to its former name of Evesham College following the 2016 merger with the Warwickshire College Group is located in Davies Road, Evesham. It offers a range of full-time subjects on offer at the Evesham campus such as - Animal Care, Art and Design, Beauty Therapy, Childcare, Computing and E-Media, Construction, Engineering, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Foundation Skills Programme, Graphic Design with Photography, Hairdressing, Health and Social Care, Motor Vehicle, Office Professionals, Plumbing and Heating, Public Services, Sport, Travel and Tourism and Vehicle Custom Body and Paint.[1]

Malvern Hills College

Malvern Hills College main building. Built 1928

The Malvern campus, now also returned to its former name, is located in Albert Road North, Malvern, Worcestershire. It was first constructed as Malvern Technical College and School of Art in 1928, and has been known as Malvern College of Further Education, (around 1965) then Malvern Hills College, until merging with Evesham College in September 2000 to become the Malvern campus for Evesham and Malvern Hills College in 2000, renamed South Worcestershire College in 2009.[2] The college was operated by the Wyvern Trust, which was formed 1982 to manage and maintain the existence of Malvern Hills College when the site was purchased by Malvern Hills District Council following an unsuccessful attempt by the council of the former Hereford and Worcester county to sell the land and buildings. The trust was dissolved on the merger with Evesham College.[2] The complex contains special teaching facilities and salons for hair and beauty therapy, art and crafts studios, workshops and the Malvern Community Learning Centre for adults.


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