Makino clan

In this Japanese name, the family name is Makino.
Makino clan

Family crest (kamon) of main Makino line
Home province Mikawa Province
Parent house Takenouchi no Sukune
Ruled until 1871

The Makino clan (牧野氏 Makino-shi) are a daimyō branch of the samurai Minamoto clan in Edo period Japan.[1]

In the Edo period, the Makino were identified as one of the fudai or insider daimyō clans which were hereditary vassals of the Tokugawa clan, in contrast with the tozama or outsider clans.[1]

Makino clan branches

The fudai Makino clan originated in 16th-century Mikawa Province. Their elevation in status by Toyotomi Hideyoshi dates from 1588.[1] They claim descent from Takenouchi no Sukune,[2] who was a legendary statesman[3] and lover of the legendary Empress Jingū.[4]

Notable members of the clan

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