Majorcan Union

Mallorcan Union
Leader Josep Melià Ques
Founded October 1982
Dissolved February 2011
Headquarters C/sindicat 21, ES-07002 Palma (Majorca)
Ideology Liberalism
Conservative liberalism
Balearic regionalism
Political position Centre-right
European affiliation None
International affiliation Liberal International
European Parliament group None
Colours Blue

The Majorcan Union (Catalan: Unió Mallorquina, UM; IPA: [uniˈo məʎorˈcinə]) was a regional liberal party on the island of Majorca, Spain. It was founded in October 1982, as a nationalist continuation of the then disintegrating Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD). The main founder was Jeroni Albertí Picornell.

In 1993 it merged with the Unió Independent de Mallorca and Convergència Balear. Subsequently it forged alliances with Independents per Menorca and Unió Centristes de Menorca.

As a centre party, it supported People's Party governments (1987) in the Balearic Islands but also the left-wing coalition, led by the socialist Francesc Antich (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, PSOE), which replaced the People's Party in 1999. UM was once again was the key element in returning the presidency to Francesc Antich after the regional elections to the Balearic Island parliament held in 2007.

Unió Mallorquina was a member of Liberal International. The last president was Josep Melià i Ques.[1]

Following a number of corruption scandals, the party decided to disband in February 2011[2] and establish a new party Convergence for the Isles (Convergència per les Illes.) [3]

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